Galois Capital runs a robust OTC trading desk, providing coverage seven days a week.

We focus on helping our counterparties transact in concentrated positions for a wide variety of coins, allowing them to minimize their execution costs and freeing up more time to focus on research and analysis of their investments. We have established relationships with many of the major exchanges in different regions as we strive to provide a greater suite of tradeable products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Galois match buyer’s and sellers?
A: All trades we execute are with our own capital and we do not look to match up buyers and sellers.

Q: Can transaction settlement be sent to a third party account?
A: Our KYC / AML policies dictate that we must always face the entity that was onboarded for any trades that we excute and that the bank account beneficiaries are also named identically to the name used in the trading agreement signed by the counterparty.

Q: What coins can you transact in?
A: We are able to make markets in any coins that are traded on Binance, Coinbase, Kucoin, Bittrex, FCoin and Kraken. We particularly specialize in being able to price large blocks of more illiquid pairings.

Q: What are your fees?
A: We do not charge any outright fees. The cost of the transaction will be a part of the spread that we charge off of the spot price.

Q: How does pricing work?
A: The spread is an amalgamation of many factors including market volatility, liquidity of the underlying asset being traded and the size of the trade.

Q: What are the benefits of OTC trading?
A: You can get a price on a large block and be able to execute within a minute. Avoid exchange commissions and benefit from efficient execution as we are able to source liquidity from many exchanges and trading partners as well as hold risk on our own balance sheet.

Q: How does settlement work?
A: Galois Capital requires that the counterparty send their leg of the trade first before we instruct the second leg of the trade, we do not use escrow agents and do not have exceptions to this rule. We have long standing relationships with the major brokers, exchanges, funds and other OTC desks globally and would be happy to provide references if needed.

Q: How quick can you settle?
A: Settlement can happen as quick as the underlying blockchain can process the coins that have been traded after we have received the first leg of the settlement. Fiat transfers typically settle on a T+1 basis, however same day settlement can be accommodated as long as the counterparty settles their side before the wire deadline at 2PM Pacific Time.